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Infectious Disease

The physician specialists of Kadlec Clinic Infectious Disease provide comprehensive care for patients with acute and chronic infections due to infectious diseases. Our three physicians are board certified in both internal medicine and infectious disease and are fellowship trained.

Our care team educates each patient on his or her condition in a confidential setting and works together with primary care physicians to provide a treatment plan that helps improve your health.

We also provide our patients with 24/7 coverage to meet unexpected needs.

Special Services

  • Treatment of resistant infections
  • HIV/AIDS care
  • HIV advocacy
  • Bone/Joint infections
  • Mycobacterial infections
  • Wound infections
  • Management of IV antibiotic therapy
  • Recent travel-related infections

Patients are seen at Kadlec Clinic Infectious Disease by referral. 


Clinic NameAddressPhone
Infectious Disease 833 Swift Blvd. Richland, WA (509) 942-2360